We focus on 5 complementary services.

1 Turnkey installations

Once your need has been identified, we offer you the solution that suits you. Our Italian partner ISR designs, realizes and makes the start-up on your site, whatever the complexity of your installation. All our installations are made in EUROPE.

2 We design and manufacture the inductors

Whether you want to replace your heating tools by improving them or simply by reproducing them identically, we are your partner in Europe and Asia.

3 Power generators

Our power generators are made in Italy by FELMI - a company of the ISR group. Equipped with an ultra-wide frequency range, we can heat depths from few tenths of a millimeter to more than 5 mm in the material core.

4 Installation refurbishment

Within ISR we have a cell dedicated to refurbish installations : repair of mechanical assemblies, exchange of automation or modification of induction heating equipment are all tasks in which ISR shines.

5 Process development

Our core business is to find technical solutions to solve your problem. This includes the development and fine-tuning of new processes.