Eco- Friendly Induction heating solution  

Improve the future



We are all committed to develop our economy while preserving our environment. Working conditions are also a key factor in the economic development of our industries.

It is therefore necessary to choose efficient and non-polluting industrial solutions when choosing an industrial heating tool. Whether for heat treatment, forging, brazing, shrinking, or any other metal work, induction heating is an alternative without any gaseous emissions coupled with rapid heating and unique performance.

These remarkable characteristics make our industrial solutions essential in many fields and induction heating is more than ever a tool of the future.


Without gas emission,

Without polluting the environment and the material to be heated,

Inductive heating is a technology that improves our future.

What do we do?


We offer complete induction heating solutions. Whether you need a fully automated cell with automatic loading and intelligent camera recognition, or simply a frequency generator for manual use, we necessarily have a technical solution that will satisfy you.

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